Lost Circus

A child runs away from an evil donkey with a key for a tail through an abandoned circus. The donkey is cute.

Lost Circus is a single-player stealth horror-cute game where you escape from adorable monsters with the help of abandoned toys.

Lost Circus was Kevin’s major production project at AIE. Kevin was a system designer, programmer and VFX artist for this project.

Lost Circus was developed entirely remotely by a team of 11.


A Snapchat App being edited in Lens Studio, the App is of MyTomato, an AR Tomato growing simulator. The Tomato plant cycles through different stages of illness and wellness

 MyTomato is a Snapchat AR Lens developed by Team Beefsteak for the Snapchat AR games residency.

MyTomato is a pet simulator where you grow your own tomato plant and can view the plant in the world.

MyTomato was developed over the course of a month in Lens Studio.


Morph being played in Unity. The player in VR uses lasers to control Morphs, small glowing shapes through a star-filled environment.

Kevin worked as a developer on (m)ORPH a VR Music experience for Oculus Rift and SideQuest.

(m)ORPH uses 3D spatial audio to let the player re-mix custom made songs based on the movement of special sound components called ORPHs. 

Kevin worked on the ORPH physics, player controls, environment controls and compliance certification.


Starfinder Adventure Path #21 – Paizo

Kevin wrote about the planet Vharrine, a gas giant with a magnetic core that spreads its ‘song’ through the galaxy, and the Songtwisted who have listened to closely to the message it contains.

The Forever Reliquary

Starfinder Adventure Path #22 – Paizo

Kevin wrote about the planet Ashypso, a tidally frozen world where even the atmosphere freezes for most of its centuries long orbit, and two of its inhabitants, the Trinir who have forgotten their past and the Ashypsozoan colonies that hunt them.

Rise to the Top

Rise to the Top is an imaginary FPS where a child must use their rocket launcher and sword to ascend the tower and rescue their cat, Princess. Rise to the Top was Kevin’s minor production project at AIE, where he worked as part of a team of eleven as a level and encounter designer over the course of eight weeks.