Rise to the Top

Rise to the Top is an imaginary FPS where a child must use their rocket launcher and sword to ascend the tower and rescue their cat, Princess. Rise to the Top was Kevin’s minor production project at AIE, where he worked as part of a team of eleven as a level and encounter designer over the course of eight weeks.

Unlike previous projects, Rise to the Top was made entirely remotely and in isolation in the spring of 2020.

Grave Gardener

Grave Gardener is a necro-botanical tower defense game where you defend the city graveyard with carnivorous plants fertilized with the bones of your enemies. Kevin was a level designer and programmer for this project, designing the three levels as well as an adaptive difficulty system that responds to how well the player is doing.

Game Jam – Snooze Button

Kevin was the main programmer and one of the game designers and VFX artists for Snooze Button, an entry in the 2019 Academy of Interactive Entertainment Winter Game Jam. In Snooze Button you try to get some shut eye while confronting endless distractions trying to keep you awake.
Video (Loud!)


Starfinder Adventure Path #21 – Paizo

Kevin wrote about the planet Vharrine, a gas giant with a magnetic core that spreads its ‘song’ through the galaxy, and the Songtwisted who have listened to closely to the message it contains.

The Forever Reliquary

Starfinder Adventure Path #22 – Paizo

Kevin wrote about the planet Ashypso, a tidally frozen world where even the atmosphere freezes for most of its centuries long orbit, and two of its inhabitants, the Trinir who have forgotten their past and the Ashypsozoan colonies that hunt them.