One of my largest repeating themes is elaborating on the members, minions and goals of the Lagrange Court. The Lagrange Court is an organization of Fey based out of the L3 Lagrange point, who fill some of the traditional fey roles in the story, but with more of a space based twist. Their main focuses are in the theft of voices, as they are completely unnecessary in the void of space, and the manipulation of wishes, stars and asteroids.  All of this is being masterminded by the Marquis Azlegavartimirzod, who is stealing the tools of the gods and the souls and voices of mortals to attempt to create a new world of his own.

  1. Wishtouched CR +1: The Wishtouched were an early sign of the Lagrange Court, playing with the idea of wishing upon a star for dreams to come true. Thanks to the influence of the Fey… sometimes this actually works, but the stars demand a price for their magic.
  2. Perseid Meteor CR 4: While a Fey Court is a fun theme, fighting the same creature type repeatedly can get a little old. I wanted to make sure that there were some non-fey creatures to encounter, and the Perseids were one of the first. I played around with advancement mechanics with this one, letting you easily create more powerful and larger meteors by adding Hit Dice and increasing in size.
  3. Astrad CR 4: While I wanted the fey to generally be adversaries, I didn’t want them all to be evil, and the Astrad was the most helpful of them all. With a kiss they can protect lost travelers from the dangers of space… but they are incredibly forgetful and can only protect one person at a time. This was also the first monster to communicate in Lagrange Sign, an addictive form of communication that slowly stole your voice away.
  4. Ironshod Boarder CR 6: Redcaps are among my favorite monsters and certainly my favorite of the Fey. When I started writing, I just had to do a “redcap in space”. The main difference from standard redcaps is that their ironshod boots are magnetic, allowing them to walk on the surface of spaceships and grapple people in metal armor.
  5. Starbound Petitioner CR 6: The ultimate fate of the Wishtouched. When the comet that first granted their wish passes by again it comes to collect, killing them and harvesting their soul for the Lagrange Court. On their passage across the solar system these petitioners attempt to gather up other souls to take with them, primarily seeking out friends and family.
  6. Skyborn Muse CR 7: The Muses were my attempt at a nymph like creature, bringing inspiration to those around them, and ultimately luring them off to their death or capture. They possess one of my favorite abilities, is the lullaby aura, where they try an lull those around them to go to sleep, sleeping is fairly easy to resist, but each round people resist they take increasing penalties from their growing fatigue.
  7. The Wandering Boy CR 10: I wanted to make Peter Pan, so I made my own version of Peter Pan. I went back to some of the source material and made him a psychopomp who leads children to their death after encouraging them to engage in risky behavior like fighting pirates. I also incorporated bard style perform mechanics, which I haven’t seen done before on a monster.
  8. Titan’s Eye Raven CR 12: I as wanting to make a monster that felt similar to Wizard of the Coast’s beholder, but without any actual ties to it. Instead I ended up with the Titan’s Eye Ravens, giant birds that plucked out the eyes of a titan, and used the eyes, and their prismatic abilities to devastate their opponents.
  9. Cronus the Blind Titan CR 18: Cronus was my first attempt at an enormous kaiju like monster, a blind titan drifting through space trying to consume all. He has some notable weaknesses compared to the Tarrasque and other monsters, mainly that he is completely blind and is only able to find people by the sound of their screams. (Something the Lagrange Sign can protect from completely)
  10. Marquis Azlegavartimirzod the World Forger CR 21: Azleg is the end boss of the court, the Marquis who is using the stolen power of Cronus and the stolen voices and souls of humans to build a new world. He was my second big boss monster, and instead I went for more of a spellcaster than a brute. His World Forging ability let him both craft environments to his liking, and use a wide range of battlefield control powers.
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