The Forever Reliquary

Starfinder Adventure Path #22 –┬áPaizo

Kevin wrote about the planet Ashypso, a tidally frozen world where even the atmosphere freezes for most of its centuries-long orbit, and two of its inhabitants, the Trinir who have forgotten their past and the Ashypsozoan colonies that hunt them.


Starfinder Adventure Path #21 – Paizo

Kevin wrote about the planet Vharrine, a gas giant with a magnetic core that spreads its ‘song’ through the galaxy, and the Songtwisted who have listened to closely to the message it contains.

Bestiary of Babylon

Storyteller’s Vault

Kevin researched designed and wrote three monsters for White Wolf’s Chronicles of Darkness setting, basing them off of Babylonian legends, continuing their stories, and adapting them to the Chronicles of Darkness system.

The Envious


Kevin wrote and designed the Envious, a conspiracy of constructs seeking to become fully alive, with each construct choosing a different avenue and meaning for what being alive meant.

Monster Mondays

Open Gaming Network

Kevin designed and wrote a weekly monster column for Open Gaming Network for their Starjammer setting, including the Lagrange Court, a group of extra-planetary Fae who steal voices to fuel the creation of a new world.