Bestiary of Babylon is my first book of monsters for the Chronicles of Darkness setting, now available at Storyteller’s Vault. Unlike much of my previous work, all of the monsters in the Bestiary of Babylon are drawn from existing legends and stories.  While the legends themselves often contradict, I worked them together to make cohesive new creatures and encounters for players to encounter in the Chronicles of Darkness Setting.

The monsters include:

  • The Kullulu: Fish Demons willing to provide wealth and prosperity, if properly appeased.
  • The Rabisu: The lurkers in the door and the eaters of the dead, who consume the bodies and souls of those who have passed on… and anyone wicked enough that they might as well be dead.
  • The Girtiblilu: Scorpion Demons who guard the sacred and profane, but have a weakness for helping to guide lesser creatures, a weakness that has lead to countless betrayals.
  • The Bull of Heaven: The ancient enemy of Gilgamesh, a city-wrecking, earth-breaking Kaiju from space.