Game Design

Burning Horizon

Kevin’s team made Burning Horizon for Global Game Jam 2020, based around the theme of Repair. In Burning Horizon you play an astronaut trying to keep the space station intact during a meteor shower. Kevin worked on shaders and level design.


Hook’s Wild Ride Prototype

For Hook’s Wild Ride Kevin was exploring recreating the feel of a Dark Ride theme park attraction in a first-person shooter. Dark Rides use light and limited information to direct the audience to their important elements.


Snooze Button

Kevin was the main programmer and one of the game designers and VFX artists for Snooze Button, an entry in the 2019 Academy of Interactive Entertainment Winter Game Jam. In Snooze Button you try to get some shut eye while confronting endless distractions trying to keep you awake.
Video (Loud!)

Mr. Gorbachev Tear Down This Wall!

Kevin was the 3D Artist and one of the game designers for Mr. Gorbachev Tear Down This Wall! an entry in the 2019 Seattle Indies Game Jam. MGTDTW! is a hybrid Pinball / Blockbreaker where you destroy the Berlin Wall.

Eco Yeti

Kevin was one of the programmers and designers for Eco Yeti, a game jam game focused on recreating the experience of Ski Free but instead you play the Yeti.

Space Wizards

Space Wizards is a group modeling, texturing and Unity layout project.
Each student modeled and textured in Maya and Substance Painter.
All the models were then laid out in scenes in Unity.
Kevin’s Models are here.

Game Design Document: Fisherman’s Yarn

Fisherman’s Yarn is a 1st-Person Narrative Fishing Journey where everyone is dead. Kevin wrote it for AIE Game Design and Production.

Civilization V Mod: The Pacific Front

Kevin made a total conversion mod for Civilization V that was focused on adapting World War 2 in the Pacific. This included all new units, buildings and tech tree, as well as adapting the Pacific Theater as a whole.

Civilization V Mod: The Eternal War

Kevin adapted Lycerius’s Eternal War as a mod for Civilization V. In addition to recreating the original map and scenario, Kevin customized the civilizations and units to better fit the lore that the scenario developed.
Press: PC Gamer, Civilization Facebook